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Week 9 – Canaries Crossing

As today is the first day of spring here is a throw back to warm October when I sailed down to the Canaries from Southern Portugal. I found the opportunity in late August to sail an Arcona 430 down and so had been looking forward to it for a while! We set off into a head wind and big seas that was all due to swing behind and calm down.

[img][/img]Featured image, Hitting the Waves

Canaries Crossing

The trip was fantastic and we saw some amazing sights, some of which I captured in a short video – Portugal to the Canaries. The rest of the trip down to the canaries and around some of the islands I tried to grab in my down time when off watch. First is the incredible sunset we saw on our third evening.

[img][/img]Atlantic Sunset

[img][/img]Capturing in Any Way Possible

[img][/img]One of the Magnificent Mornings


Up to the Sky

We set off on the last leg towards La Gomera, crossing the short distance between Tenerife and the smaller island. This stretch of water is famous for its whales and dolphins, as I had failed to capture either during the way down I was keen to spot something! These are a couple that I was pleased with.

[img][/img]La Gomera in the distance

[img][/img]A Fin Slicing Through

[img][/img]The Whale Pod

[img][/img]Showing Off

I hope you enjoyed this short update, the full album can be found Canaries Crossing. Shot with Canon 600D with 24 – 105 mm, please comment with thoughts, for more info or with photos of your own. Thanks!


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