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York University Climbs Kilimanjaro 2014

Back in 2014 I climbed Kilimanjaro on an expedition with York University. We were raising money for a local foster home for street children. It was an amazing experience, from seeing the glacier at the top of Africa, to making some of the best friends through the tough challenges we faced!

After a couple of years I did finally finish the fully video as you can see below. It fully documents our trip up, although on the way down we were just desperate to make it back to more oxygen. We were told that it would feel like breathing an oxygen soup as we came back down the mountain and it really was!

Climbing Kilimanjaro with York University – 2014

One of the more upsetting sights was the huge amount of waste and rubbish found along the trails. It is a tourist activity that you really notice when you end up in queues on the route. I hope to go back one day and do the route by carrying my own equipment and collecting rubbish on the way back down. I think this would be incredibly rewarding and fascinating to see how the landscape has changed since 2014. Hopefully with fewer nosebleeds as well!

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