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Week 30 – Brancaster Staithe Sunset

Catching the last rays on a Friday evening at Brancaster Staithe Harbour.

Through the Nets

Brancaster Staithe Sunset

The Norfolk skies are well renowned for their beauty. This evening especially in early August the sky was an incredible variety of shades, from oranges to purples. A great sight to see after a long car journey, watching the sun set over the dunes in the distance breathing the warm sea air.

Shades of Orange
Glistening Sea
Close up
Purple Sky
Below the Dunes

To see more please go to the Flickr Album – Brancaster Staithe Sunset

Shot with Canon 7D and 600D with 24 – 105mm and F4 70 – 200mm, please comment and share. Thanks!

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