Week 29 – Playful Puppies!

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine invited me round to see their Black Labrador puppies! Couldn’t resist grabbing my camera!

Featured image, Tug of Puppies!

Week 29 – Playful Puppies

Who doesn’t love puppies?


Blanket Attack

Harrasing Mum

Exploring Pup

Lesson learnt – photographing animals is hard, adding children into the mix makes it even harder! Was great fun taking these shots with some very happy kids, it was difficult anticipating movements and keeping everything in focus!

To see more please go to the Flickr Album – Puppy Playtime. Thank you for viewing, the online Store is now live so please purchase through there if you would like copies of any of my photos. Shot with Canon 600D with 24 – 105mm, please comment and share. Thanks!

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