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Week 6 – Island Life

Last week I made a big change in my life by moving to the Isle of Wight to continue my passion for sailing, it also happens to be a great place to photograph. Im currently staying with friends in Gurnard, just round the corner from Cowes, where they have an unbeatable view across the western Solent.

[img][/img]Feature Photo, Seagull Enjoying the Sunset.

Island Life, the first sunset.

Yesterday was a fantastic day and almost felt like the first day of spring. After enjoying the steady island life I spent the evening capturing the sunset on the beach at Gurnard.

[img][/img]Golden Pebbles

[img][/img]Shades of Green

[img][/img]Awash Sunset

[img][/img]Half Sun

Shot with Canon 600D with 24 – 105 mm, the full album can be found here. Please comment with thoughts, for more info or with photos of your own. Thanks!

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