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Week 4 – Snow Empty

With the splattering of snow at the end of last week I wanted to go back to a collection I took in December while skiing in Val d’Isere.

[img][/img]Empty Chairlift

The Empty Challenge

While grabbing shots of friends skiing I saw a recent picture of the Golden Gate bridge completely empty of traffic, creating a very eerie image (found here). I decided to attempt the idea on a ski slope as normally you are dodging fellow skiers all day! Above and below are some of my results, not adding photos into one, just careful timing.

[img][/img]Too Cold to Sunbathe

[img][/img]Windswept Slope

I also took a range of mountain-scape shots as they were stunningly beautiful, with the striking blue sky and grey rocks creating a dramatic scene.

[img][/img]Sunrise Peak

[img][/img]Across the Alps

Finally the photos from the cover were of the view from our balcony looking towards Tignes, this gave an amazing glow between the mountains at night. They can be found in the rest of the album on Flickr – Val d’Isere Mountains. Also don’t forget to watch the video from the trip – Boys Hiking Trip!

Taken on a Canon 600D with a 24 – 105 mm L Lens. Please comment with thoughts, for more info or pictures of your own. Thanks!


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