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Week 3 – Bees and Buttercups

On a bright, but bitterly cold, January morning I’m suddenly very much looking forward to spring. This collection goes back to last spring when a friend and I went to try and capture some of the fauna and flora along the River Ouse.

[img][/img]Fields of Purple and Yellow

The Bee Challenge

We went out looking for macro shots in an attempt to see the full detail of bees and flowers, however I only had a 50mm F1.8 which wasn’t the best lens for the job. As shown in the images below the hardest part was trying to capture the bees in focus while hovering. It was simple enough to capture them with a wide depth of field, but to capture them with a very shallow depth of field, as I wanted to bring the focus of the image onto the bee, was much trickier.

[img][/img]Buttercup Bee

[img][/img]Out of Focus Issues

[img][/img]Hovering Bee, closest to completing the challenge.

[img][/img]The Weight if a Bee.


My friend Charlie Pottle, view his Flickr feed.

Shot with Canon 600D with 50mm F1.8, the full album can be found here. Please comment with thoughts, for more info or with photos of your own. Thanks!

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