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Week 27 – Changing of the Guard

A couple of weeks ago I meet up with a friend at Victoria station and went exploring London for the morning, hitting a few of the tourist sites around Buckingham Palace!

Striding Proud

Changing of the Guard

We were halfway through a coffee in St James’s Park when we heard noises behind us, realising it was the changing of the guard we ran over to get a good view before the crowds took all the close spots!

Standing Tall
Passing the Colours
Not Moving a Muscle
Marching Band
Horses down the Mall
The Crowds at Buckingham Palace

It was a great spectacle and on that I had been meaning to catch for a while, but always too busy or at the wrong time. To see more please go to the Flickr Album – Changing of the Guard

Shot with Canon 600D with 24 – 105mm, please comment and share. Thanks!

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