Week 27 – Changing of the Guard

A couple of weeks ago I meet up with a friend at Victoria station and went exploring London for the morning, hitting a few of the tourist sites around Buckingham Palace!

Featured image, Striding Proud

Changing of the Guard

We were halfway through a coffee in St James’s Park when we heard noises behind us, realising it was the changing of the guard we ran over to get a good view before the crowds took all the close spots!

Standing Tall

Passing the Colours

Not Moving a Muscle

Marching Band

Horses down the Mall

The Crowds at Buckingham Palace

It was a great spectacle and on that I had been meaning to catch for a while, but always too busy or at the wrong time. To see more please go to the Flickr Album – Changing of the Guard. Thank you for viewing, the online Store is now live so please purchase through there if you would like copies of any of my photos. Shot with Canon 600D with 24 – 105mm, please comment and share. Thanks!

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