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Week 24 – Back to Bees

Last week I continued my testing of the 70 – 200 mm F4 IS lens with some close up shots. I stumbled across a bank of flowers along the road covered in bees and wanted to see how the lens matched with the Canon 7D performed with small close up objects.

[img][/img]Featured Image, Bumble Bee Surrounded in Pink

Back to Bee’s

Last time I photographed Bee’s in my Bees and Buttercups post was almost exactly a year ago in York which makes for an interesting comparison.

[img][/img]The Flower Bank

[img][/img]Honey Bee on Blue

[img][/img]Necter Hunting

[img][/img]Take Off!

The depth of field produced by the lens is great, especially noticeable in “The Flower Bank” photo. However with such a small target and not a macro lens, as soon as the bees moved away it was difficult to focus quickly on them. To see more please go to the Flickr Album – Back to Bees. Thank you for viewing, the online Store is now live so please purchase through there if you would like copies of any of my photos. Shot with Canon 7D with 70 – 200 mm F4 IS, please comment and share. Thanks!

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