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Week 22 – Bicentenary Fleet Review

This year is the 200th anniversary of the Royal Yacht Squadron and to celebrate there are various events throughout the year, the first being the Members Bicentenary Regatta and Bicentenary Fleet Review.

[img][/img]Featured image, Royal Yacht Squadron Fleet Dressed Overall

Bicentenary Fleet Review

The Bicentenary Fleet Review was performed by Prince Philip, so all yachts involved were dressed overall, this means that they display all their flags in a certain order. The end result is a spectacular display of colour mixed with a great atmosphere, this is what I tried to capture in the following photos.

[img][/img]Mariquita Dressed Overall

This beautiful classic yacht is a gaff cutter designed by William Fife III and built on the Clyde in Scotland in 1911.

[img][/img]Old Boys Enjoying the Day

[img][/img]Galatea Dressed Overall with the Royal Standard

As Prince Philip was in residence aboard Galatea during the couple of days either side of the review the Royal Standard was flown to signify his presence.

[img][/img]Thalia Ready for Review

[img][/img]Super Yachts Standing Proud

[img][/img]Cowes Inshore Lifeboat

[img][/img]The Royal Procession

[img][/img]Fishing Trawler Passes the Fleet

It was a brilliant event, one that I’m sure I will never see in quite the same glory ever again. The sheer number of boats dressed and lined up for the event was spectacular and being able to duck and dive in between them just beforehand via RIB meant I was able to grab some interesting angles. I am hoping to get out onto the water more in the next few weeks to work on different angles and close up shots while sailing, this should follow in future updates!

Thank you for reading, the rest of the album can be found on Flickr here in Bicentenary Fleet Review. Shot with Canon 7D with 24 – 105 mm F4 and 70 – 200 mm F4 IS, please comment and share. Thanks!

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