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Week 2 – Sunset Subjects

Sunsets are commonly photographed due to their striking nature and vibrant colours. I’m always keen to capture a good sunset whenever I see an opportunity, whether it’s an interesting landscape or a more dramatic one than normal.

[img][/img]Across the Field at Sunset

The Sunset Challenge

I wanted to show sunsets in another light (no pun intended!) by removing the idea of the sun as the main subject. Instead I used the glorious colours as a backdrop for a different subject. This led me to a local field on a long summer’s evening with an interesting variety of plants coming to seed. Here are some of my favorite from that evening. 

[img][/img]Sunset Barley

[img][/img]Thistle Sunset Glow

[img][/img]Focused Barley Sunset

 Of course I had to include some sunset photos! Especially with the suns rays slicing through the sky.

[img][/img]Field Sunset Rays

 Taken on a Canon 600D with a 24 – 105 mm L Lens with a tripod, full Flickr album – Barley Sunset. Please comment with thoughts, for more info or pictures of your own. Thanks!

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