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Week 17 – Gurnard Dinghy Racing

Last week I jumped onto one of the Gurnard Sailing Club’s ( safety boats to hopefully grab some shots of the first of the Wednesday night racing series.

[img][/img]Feature Image, RS 700 Upwind

Gurnard Dinghy Racing

It was a gusty but not too cold evening with a fantastic light as the evening sun set over on the mainland. There is a large mix of classes that race regularly at Gurnard and it was an interesting challenge to get the different classes in shot, while also acting as safety cover! There were a couple of times that we had to help people out so photography took a back seat. Also my eager driver did at one point get in the way of one competitor, although not for long.

[img][/img]Back Towards the Club House

[img][/img]Cheerful Capsize

[img][/img]RS 800 Double Trapezing

[img][/img]A Close Call!

This was very interesting to watch as the RS 700 was on starboard the RS 800 should have tacked away, however they got it wrong and carried on through. It could have been a big mess had the 700 not ducked behind!

[img][/img]Medium Handicap Start

[img][/img]A Fast Hoist

[img][/img]A Shadow Leaping

It was a great evening for photography and I met some very friendly people, I hope to start doing some dinghy sailing there when I get the chance. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed this update, a lot more of the album can be found here Gurnard Dinghy Racing. Shot with Canon 7D with 24-105 mm F4, please comment with thoughts, for more info or with photos of your own. Thanks!

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