Week 16 – Ghillie at Gurnard

Over the weekend Mum visited the Island and brought Ghillie down with her. With a spectacular backdrop coming together along the beach front at Gurnard I quickly took Ghillie down and tried to settle her for some shots before the sun disappeared!

Featured image, Posing Perfectly

Ghillie at Gurnard

Ears Perked

She sat for a while before getting distracted by Mum coming down to meet us at the beach!

Looking for Mum!

Another Gurnard Sunset, they don’t get any less incredible!

Taking in the View

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this update, the rest of the album can be found on Flickr here in Ghillie at Gurnard. Next week will be some of my favourite shots from a recent trip photographing the Wednesday night Dinghy racing at Gurnard. Shot with Canon 7D with 100 mm F2.0, please comment with thoughts, for more info or with photos of your own. Thanks!

1 thought on “Week 16 – Ghillie at Gurnard”

  1. Marie-Louise Gough

    Gorgeous Ghillie! The softness and warmth of the sunset complements her colouring and captures her sweet and gentle nature beautifully! I like the way Catherine is gazing out to sea while Ghillie is keeping a close eye on the camera!

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