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Week 13 – Rosemary Vineyard

Last week my brother came down to the island to visit and test out his new 7D. We spent an unusually warm and sunny Thursday traveling around the Isle of Wight looking for interesting subjects and stumbled across the Rosemary Vineyard.

[img][/img]Featured Image, Rosemary Vineyard

Rosemary Vineyard

The vineyard is located about half an hour’s walk outside of Ryde and is free to enter. We went hoping to find something different to capture and test out different lenses and cameras and were pleased to find even the winery is free to wonder around. These are a couple of shots from the afternoon spent wandering the vines using primes and zoom lenses to get a variety of perspectives.

[img][/img]Settling Sediment

[img][/img]In Storage

[img][/img]Oak Barrels


Along the Vines

[img][/img]Twisted Vines

[img][/img]Vine Lichen

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed this update, the rest of the album can be found on Flickr here in Rosemary Vineyard. The Rosemary Vineyard website –, is very informative should you want to learn more about the site.  Shot with Canon 600D and Canon 7D with 24 – 105 mm, 50 mm F1.8, 18 – 55 mm and 100 mm F2.8. Please comment with any thoughts, for more info on how I took the photos or with images of your own. Thanks!



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