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Week 12 – Beach Silhouettes

This week is a throw back to last summer with long days on the beach and gorgeous sunsets. This was a very windy afternoon with the sand whipping around our ankles, however with the sun dropping I quickly went back and got my gear and started grabbing some shots of my friends.

[img][/img]Featured image, Jumping in the Sun

Beach Silhouettes

Silhouettes can be very good for keeping the distractions in a photo to a minimum and just concentrating on the subject itself or the action taking place. Here I wanted the golden yellows and oranges to surround the subject as they jumped up through the light.

[img][/img]Ninja Jump

[img][/img]On the Nose

These last two photos show the wind blowing the sand along the beach, turning it into a mist while having a focus on the drift wood. These are still silhouettes, but without the focus on an action subject – adding the blue sky draws the attention to the landscape.

[img][/img]Wind Blown Sunset

[img][/img]Drift Wood

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed this update, the rest of the album can be found on Flickr here in Beach Sunset. Next week I will hopefully have a chance to use a 7D mark 1 and explore some more of the island! Shot with Canon 600D with 24 – 105 mm and 18 – 55 mm, please comment with thoughts, for more info or with photos of your own. Thanks!


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