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Week 10 – London Sights

Every time I pass through London I always try and capture a different angle of this amazing city. This has progressed over the last two years as I have various photographs and techniques, from capturing iconic areas to just the feel of the city.

[img][/img]Featured Image, Tower Bridge

London Sights

The following photos are a few of a much larger and constantly growing album. I hope to follow this post up when I next get a chance to wander around London.

[img][/img]Big Ben across the Thames

[img][/img]Blue Eye

[img][/img]Mind the Gap

[img][/img]Fortifications, Tower of London

[img][/img]Into the Mist, Wandsworth Park

[img][/img]Last but by no means least, Mysterious Mist, The Houses of Parliament.

The last photo is one of my favourites, a beautiful morning mist covered the Houses of Parliament. A friend of mine said to me when they saw it – “it’s interesting as we have very little idea on the outside how the politics inside go on, as if there is a wall of mystery or a mist.” I thought this was a great comment as I hadn’t seen this idea when I first took the photo, but it definitely changes the way you perceive the photo.

The full Flickr album can be found in – London. Shot with Canon 600D with 24 – 105 mm and 18 – 55 mm, please comment with thoughts, for more info or with photos of your own. Thanks!




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