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Week 1 – Taking The Zoo Out Of The Zoo

[img][/img]Old Tortoise

The Zoo Challenge

Over the summer I went to a local zoo for a change of subject and to maybe find something a bit more challenging to shot. Immediately it was challenging due to the low light in the enclosures, however I found very quickly that I was taking photos with a lot of the enclosure showing and distracting from the subject animal. So I decided to attempt to capture the animals in a more natural way and so taking the zoo out of the zoo.

[img][/img]Relaxed Lionesses

[img][/img]Snowy Owl

[img][/img]Stalking Tiger


Zebra Head Stripes


[img][/img]Chilling back Kangaroos

Taken on a Canon 70D and 600D with various lenses, more information in my Flickr album – Taking the Zoo out of the Zoo. Please comment for more information, ideas or pictures of your own. Thanks!

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