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The Beginning

To kickstart my blog I want to tell a bit about myself and what it’s all about. I’m a graduate with a passion for sailing and photography, which seem to blend very well. Since graduating I have been working towards various yachting qualifications and taking this opportunity to photograph and film some of the places that I’ve been fortunate enough to visit.

The Beginning

My aim is to improve my photography and videography through posting new content at least once every week for a year, with the odd gallery or video from before thrown in as well.


To start with, this is a photo I took many years ago on a winter’s afternoon with the sun quickly dropping. This was the first shot that I can remember I attempted to frame and light in the way I wanted and not just a random snap. It was also the first to get any kind of praise and so I wanted it to be the first on here. It happens to be a very topical photo, although it’s a shame we haven’t seen anywhere near as much snow this year. The rigid lines made by the fence and its shadow in contrast to the unusual patterns made from the snow on grass is what I find most interesting.

My photography is based around a self-taught interest in attempting to capture a certain scene for myself and others to enjoy, from landscapes and sunrises, to action sports. In one sense blogging will help to record how I progress over a year, but also make it easier to receive criticism and hopefully praise where needed. In addition, it’ll push me to finally finish projects that have long since been left behind.

Hopefully this will be the most I will type, with each subsequent post needing only a brief description of location and techniques explored. I hope you enjoy viewing my collections and would be grateful for any comments or thoughts.

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