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Crashing Waves

A windy day followed by clear skies and another fantastic sunset at Gurnard beach made for the perfect opportunity to test out the Canon 7D’s low light and high speed shooting.

[img][/img]Featured Image, Droplets at Sunset

Crashing Waves

A collection of some of my favourite shots from the shoot. I ended up getting very low for most of them, even lying on the wet sand to get the angle I wanted!

[img][/img]Deep Blue

[img][/img]Spraying High

I love the colours in this photo, browns and yellows instead of a blue sea and it shows some interesting movement on the sea.

[img][/img]Rolling Through

[img][/img]Caught in the Suns Rays

Thank you for viewing and hope you enjoyed this update, the rest of the album can be found on Flickr here in Crashing Waves.  Shot with Canon 600D and Canon 7D with 24 – 105 mm and 50 mm F1.8. Please comment with any thoughts, for more info on how I took the photos or with images of your own. Thanks!




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