Climbing Kilimanjaro – Preview

Just over 2 years ago I was fortunate enough to lead a group of University of York Students up the slopes of Kilimanjaro in aid of Hope for Children. This was one of the most memorable experiences of my time at University and something I would recommend to anyone with a sense of adventure! Now two years late I am almost ready to release the full length film of the trip, so watch this space!

Music: Hey Brother – Avici

Filmed on GoPro Hero 3 Silver and Photography form Canon 600D

Week 28 – Round The Island Panther 43X

This year I took part in the Island Sailing Clubs Round The Island event, sailing around the Isle of Wight, aboard Panther 43X. Panther 43X is a brand new Grande Soleil 43 raced out of the River Hamble.

It was great day and I was fortunate to have a friend of mine taking photos from the Island as mentioned in the Previous post – Round The Island. We came 23rd overall in class, which was a fantastic result seeming as we had a crew that didn’t know the boat very well! The next big challenge will be Cowes week starting this Saturday, 8th of August!

Shot on a Canon 7D 24 – 105mm, GoPro Hero 3 Silver and iPhone 6
Music – Happiness by

Portugal to the Canaries

As well as photography I’m also interested in videography. Occasionally I will post a film and the story behind it –┬áin case it interests anyone!

Portugal to the Canneries

[kad_youtube url=”″ ]

This was a recent delivery of an Arcona 430 yacht down from Lagos, Portugal down to Tenerife. I was fortunate enough to see whales and dolphins on this trip, but found them incredibly hard to capture on film! I captured most of this footage on a peaceful passage from Lanzarote to Tenerife as I was shattered from the 4 day initial passage from Lagos to Lanzarote.

Filmed on a Canon 600D with a 24-105mm L lens in 1080p 30fps. Edited with Final Cut Pro X. Please comment on what you think and if you would like to know more, more photos of the trip can be found on my Flickr, thanks!